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QuarkXPress 7: New Features
with Jay Nelson

This self-paced, video-based tutorial on CD-ROM is presented in a relaxed, supportive style. Keeping designers in mind, Design Tools Monthly editor Jay Nelson explains every interface change and uses real-world examples to demonstrate how to use each new feature.

Topics include:

1. Interface Enhancements
2. Transparency and Drop Shadows
3. Editing Photoshop Files and Applying Picture Effects
4. Advanced OpenType Features
5. Table Enhancements
6. Integration with Other Applications
7. Sharing Content and Layouts in Real Time
8. Quark Job Jackets and Color Management
9. Output

Exercise files accompany the training videos, so you can follow along and learn at your own pace. For the full Table of Contents, see below.

To sample the first 30 minutes, click here.

QuarkXPress 7: New Features video
Running Time: 5 hours

50% Off!
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Table of Contents

1. Interface Enhancements

Single layout mode
Appending layouts from other projects
Identifying layers by color
Proofing output onscreen
New display technology: XDraw
Enhanced item locking
Maintaining picture attributes
Text case conversion
Space and align enhancements
Palette management
Multiple windows
Measurements palette

2. Transparency and Drop Shadows

Alpha channels
Drop shadows

3. Image Editing and Picture Effects

Editing images with QuarkVista

4. Typography

Hyphenation, ligatures and transparency
What is OpenType?
The OpenType user interface
Invisibles and special characters

5. Tables

Table enhancements

6. Integration with Other Applications

Integration with Photoshop
Advanced Photoshop integration
Integration with PDF
Integration with Microsoft Excel
Integration with Flash

7. Collaboration

Synchronized items
Composition Zones
Shared layouts

8. Quark Job Jackets

Understanding JDF and Quark Job Jackets
Understanding the Quark Job Jackets interface
Using Job Tickets
Automatic color management
For more information

9. Output

Print dialog box enhancements
Printing with an RGB workflow
Output styles
Exporting PDFs and PDF/X support
Embedding fonts in EPS files
Variable data printing (PPML)
Backward compatibility

10. Conclusion

Getting Help


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