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Design Tools Weekly, our current weekly podcast, is hosted by Jeff Gamet and Jay Nelson of Design Tools Monthly.

Click a date below to listen to that week's podcast:

July 26, 2010:

QuarkXPress Free for Educators
New Federal Guidelines On Internships
Drive Genius 3 Adds 64-bit, RAID Support
Droffett 1.0.7
Try YouTube for Application Videos

• Find More Info in InDesign's Find Font
• Delete Items with Any Tool in QuarkXPress
• Recall Selections in Photoshop

July 12, 2010:

Apple More Valuable than Microsoft: Story & Chart
Pantone Plus
Quark's New Maintenance Program Offers Free Upgrades
HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5
HP's Billion-color 30-inch Display

• Quickly Lock Your Screen
• The Escape Key is Your Friend

June 21, 2010:

Adobe vs. Apple: the Flash Fight
MacBook Pro Gets Performance, Battery Boost
Quark Acquires Gluon
Reviews of Adobe Creative Suite 5 at Macworld.com:
• InDesign

• Photoshop

• Bridge CS5
Photoshop CS5: The Missing Manual
Fastest Desktop Hard Drive: Ci Design's iStoragePro iT1 Dock 2TB
2010 Webby Awards

• Take Advantage of Document Tabs
• Copy & Paste Files in OS X
• Drag Proxy to Desktop

June 7, 2010:

Quark Launches "Flash Magic" Website
FontExplorer X Pro 2.5
Convert SWF and Flash Video to Other Formats
Best Practices for Photographers

• Adobe Reader as Presentation Tool
• Use InDesign Libraries for Page Guides
• Crop Two Images to Same Size

April 19, 2010:

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Revealed
New Features in InDesign CS5
Version Cue: No More
QuarkXPress 8: Three Times Faster
Free eSeminars on Creating Flash in QuarkXPress 8
New MacBook Pros: 10-hour Battery Life
Pantone Lowers Prices on Goe Products
Free Photoshop Plug-ins from OnOne Software
Celebrate InDesign's 10th Anniversary

February 1, 2010:

We gush over Apple's new iPad
Apple's new iBookstore's effect on design
Quark responds to Adobe's dropping "print provider support"
X-Rite's ColorChecker Passport--More Accurate Capture and Correction
TypeBook Creator 2 adds Font Energy Evaluator
Backgrounds and Color Palettes for Twitter with Themeleon

• The Easiest Way to Grab All Images from a Website (File Juicer)
• Add Headers and Footers in Acrobat
• InDesign Tip: Control Which File Stays Open When Saving Copies
• Undo Saves in Photoshop

December 21, 2009:

Belkin FireWire hub
Keynamics' Aviator
Card-it Business Card Punch
Helvetica (the movie) DVD
Fonts from www.FontSite.com
Sanyo's Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries
Pantone iPod cases
CreativePro.com's list of decidedly more quirky and visual gifts

December 14, 2009:

Pantone-colored USB Flash drives
House Industries' Letters & Ligatures pillows and tote bags; kitchen cutting blocks shaped like an ampersand
Lightscoop (enter the code LESA at checkout for 25% off!)
Apple's Magic Mouse
NewerTech Voyager Q FireWire 800/400/USB 2.0/eSATA SATA I/II Hard Drive Dock
myPantone guide for iPhone
Tintbook set
CreativePro.com's list of decidedly more quirky and visual gifts

December 7, 2009:

Epson's PictureMate Charm
MyBook Collection kit
Acratech's Viewing Angle Gauge
Epson's Workforce 610 Color Inkjet All-in-One Printer
Pantone Top 100 colors guide book
Galaxy Client Communication Set
Elgato's EyeTV 250 Plus Digital/Analog TV Receiver and Video Converter
Seagate FreeAgent 2.5-inch external hard drive
Wacom's Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet
CreativePro.com's list of decidedly more quirky and visual gifts

November 23, 2009:

Thermal Pad Keeps Your Laptop Cool
LittleSnapper has Big Features
An Excellent Noise Reducer
Output Raster Images of QuarkXPress Pages
Tricks for Working with Office 2008 files

• Where's the Rounded Rectangle Tool?
• Keep Commenting Tools Selected
• Reposition a Frame as You Draw It
• Save Multiple Clone Sources

November 16, 2009:

Snow Leopard Now Mostly Safe
20 Years of Creative Business
Eye-Fi Pro Now Supports Raw files
TypeStyler Comes to Mac OS X
Print Just a Selection in QuarkXPress 8.1
Convert Illustrator or Photoshop Shapes to Native QuarkXPress Items

• Avoid Transparency Issues in InDesign
• The Hidden Path Bar
• Drag Proxies to Open/Save Dialogs

November 9, 2009:

Apple Updates Mac mini
Apple Intros Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server
New iMacs Have 21.5 and 27-inch Displays
Magic Mouse: Apple's New Multitouch Mouse
How Those Advanced OpenType Font Features Work
The Best Online Backup Service

• Preview Separations in InDesign
• Match Color in Two Images
• Dress Up Your Desktop for Free

November 2, 2009:

Windows 7 Arrives
New Airport Base Station Improves Range
New Time Capsule Improves Snow Leopard Support
CreativeTechs Free Live Seminars
PitStop Pro 09 Adds Global Changes, Customization

• Hide Edges Really Helps
• Protect Transparent Pixels
• Painting "Behind"
• Peruse the Best of the Web

October 26, 2009:

Hold Off on Snow Leopard
Ikea and Verdana vs. Designers
Font Problems in Snow Leopard
When "Adobe PDF" Printer Stops Working…
Affordable Photoshop
FontExplorer X Pro Server Now $999

• See Document History in InDesign
• Email Long URLs
• Reset Misbehaving Photoshop Tools
• Larger Comments in Acrobat

October 19, 2009:

Fax for Free Online
Recover Photos from Memory Cards
Simple Online Billing
Map Resources Now in Any Format
FontGenius Identifies Fonts in Photos
Print Font Catalogs from InDesign

• Background Eraser Tip
• Hide the Non-printing Items in InDesign
• Stop Text from Jumping When Wrapping

October 12, 2009:

Test Windows Browsers on Your Mac
Easy Web File Sharing with Dropbox Pro
Skype 2.8 Adds Screen Sharing
RealVue3D for 3D Print Simulation
Convert Microsoft Publisher Files to InDesign

• CSS Troubleshooting Help
• Font Replacement Tips
• Edge Feather Preview
• Check Your Website's Colors for Contrast

October 5, 2009:

QuarkXPress 7 and Adobe CS3 Not Officially Supported in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or Windows 7 -- we give some advice
Study Slams Third-party Toner Cartridges
A Simpler System for Paper Weight
An Excellent Business Guide
The Tiniest USB Drive
USB Flash Drive with Public and Private Areas
PDFpen 4.2.1

• Option-Transform in Photoshop
• Best Image Format for Microsoft Office

September 28, 2009:

GridIron Flow Will Change Your World
Jay Nelson's review of GridIron Flow
Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Wows Designers
TextStitch: Easier Threading of Text Frames in InDesign
Website: Your Logo Makes Me Barf
Institute of Newspaper Technology

• Share Color Management Settings in Adobe's Creative Suite


September 21, 2009:

Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard: Upgrade Disasters for Designers
Apple's Snow Leopard Printer and Scanner Compatibility List
Acrobat 8/9 PDF Printer Broken in Snow Leopard
Everything Looks Darker in Snow Leopard
QuarkXPress 8.12 Updater and Snow Leopard
Adobe Ends PowerPC Support
50% Off at Lynda.com
Free Halloween Fonts, Sounds & Graphics: SinisterFonts, CreativePro

• Select Though Stacked Objects in InDesign & QuarkXPress
• Trick for Replacing Pages in Acrobat 9


August 31, 2009:

Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard launch report
Snow Leopard Application Compatibility Web site
Apple's Snow Leopard Application Compatibility List
Apple's Snow Leopard Printer and Scanner Compatibility List

August 24, 2009:

$300 Blu-ray Writer, with Toast!
Mobify Your Websites
SeeFile 4.7
Illustrator CS4 WOW! Book
PercepTool 1.5.5
Ideas from I.D.E.A.S.

Where Was That Tip?

August 17, 2009:

Amazing new Panasonic digital camera/camcorder, Lumix FZ35
Nikon's Pocket Camera/Projector
Google's Advanced Image Search
Report on Logo Trends
Quark Releases Version 8.1 of Quark Dynamic Publishing, etc.
SWF Protector Blocks Flash Theft
Convert SWF to FLA

• Patching in Photoshop
• Remove Permanent Ink

August 10, 2009:

Test Website Designs with Adobe BrowserLab
Vivozoom Guarantees Legal Images
QuarkXPress 8.1 adds several improvements and new features
Learn Every Feature in QuarkXPress with Jay's new training video
QuarkXPress 8 & Instant PDF package: $299
HVC Color Composer Now for InDesign CS4
Smasher 1.7 for CS4 & Quark 8

• Change Text Case of Panel Titles in InDesign CS4

August 3, 2009:

Google Now Shows "Usage Rights" for Images
Google Developing Chrome OS
QuicKeys 4 Adds Text Expanding
Single User Edition of Cumulus Returns
SnapFlow: Extract Great Still Images from Video
High Quality Hubble Images
iPhone Tutorials

• Find Your Fonts with Smart Folders
• Create and Update Table of Contents in InDesign and QuarkXPress
• Change UI Font Size in Photoshop

July 27, 2009:

Snow Leopard: $29 in September
Acrobat.com: The Free Ride is Over
Adobe Profitable, but Smaller
Retrospect 8.1 Adds PowerPC Support
Universal Type Server 2
New Pricing for FontExplorer X Server
Creative Business

• Select Text Columns in PDFs
• Ways to Move Objects Within a Group
• Safer Healing

July 6, 2009:

New Windows 7 Coming this Fall
Wacom Intuos4 Tablet
Eltima Software's Flash Optimizer 2.3

• Get Back in Acrobat
• Editing Non-PDF Files in a PDF Portfolio
• Editing Common Attributes in Illustrator

June 29, 2009:

New MacBook Pro models
iPhone 3GS
Mac OS X 10.6 coming in September
Canto Cumulus 8
OWC Mercury On-The-Go Triple Interface portable hard drive
Map Resources

• Design Interactively in Dreamweaver CS4
• Setting Exact Line Lengths in Illustrator
• Finding Your Scanner's "Sweet Spot"

June 22, 2009:

Google’s New Similar Image Search
USB 3 Doesn't Support USB 1
90 Minutes on Social Media Marketing
PDF Security Rendered Useless
Complete Blu-ray Mastering Solution
Book: From Design Into Print

• New Spring-Loaded Tools in Photoshop CS4
• How to Save Illustrator CS4 Files for Earlier Versions
• See Substituted Glyphs in InDesign
• Better EPS Previews in QuarkXPress

June 15, 2009:

Upcoming Events
Free Courses: Illustrator, Flash & InDesign
Personalized Obama Time Capsule
The Art Directors Club Announces Winners
Free PhotoTools Lite
FontAgent Pro + 750 OpenType Fonts: $150
The Twitter Book
• Scissors Cuts Paper — and Paths
• Drag-and-Drop PDF
• Use DNG Converter for Newer Cameras

June 8, 2009:

Glance: Fast, Reliable Screen Sharing
WordPress for Creative Pros
Tutorial: Flash from QuarkXPress 8
Website of All Ads from 1930–1969
PictureXTracker: Find & Relink Pictures in QuarkXPress or InDesign
Custom Fabric for $18/yard
• Reorder or Copy Pages in Acrobat
• Enable Commenting in Any Document
• Live Paint Colors Overlaps
• Photoshop Portrait Popper

June 1, 2009:

New LaCie Display Calibrator
Some Advice on Buying a Display
Free ‘Plain English’ Videos on Social Marketing
Take Control of Fonts in Leopard
InPreflight: Simple Preflight for InDesign
TeXTractor: Intelligently Export Text from QuarkXPress
A Beautiful Paper Site
• Round Corners Your Way
• Easily See What's Changed in CS4
• Solid Black Crop Shield

May 25, 2009:

Adobe Builds Marketplace for Photoshop, AIR
Use FontShaker to Explore Fonts
Book: CMYK 2.0
Badia PrintPreview: Free!
• Overcome Email Limitations
• Scale Frame and Content in InDesign
• Preview Changes in QuarkXPress
• Don't Switch Tools to Move Text

May 18, 2009:

Spec Work and Crowdsourcing: Gambles that Don't Pay Off
$5 Blu-ray Discs
Book: Scanning Negatives and Slides
Inkd: Royalty-Free Design Templates
Gluon Cropster: Auto-Dimensioning, Multi-page Cropping, and more
PopChar X 4.2
• Combine All Kinds of Files in Acrobat
• Get Back to the Welcome Screen
• Instant Centered Guide in Photoshop
• Blend Mode Tricks

May 11, 2009:

Freeway Pro Discounts for GoLive & Dreamweaver Users
Quark XML Author 3.0
Free Cable Identification Guide
Optimize Images in InDesign or QuarkXPress
• Always Use the Latest Versions of Software
• Add a Scan to a PDF
• Feather a Mask — Anytime
• Redefine Styles in InDesign
• Use "Line Check" to Find Widows, Orphans, and Overflows
• Name Your Flash Drive with Your Phone Number

May 4, 2009:

Free 10-week InDesign Training
InDesign Seminar Tour by Mogo-Media Discount code: amctime09
Free Flash Workshop
40% off Peachpit ebooks and video, discount code: EARTHDAYPP
CreativePro.com Job Board
Free "Copyright Basics" Video
Pantone Color Cue Sale: $249
FontExplorer X Pro 2.0: Best in Class
• Delete All Guides
• Expand Selection Without Rounding

April 27, 2009:

Ghent's PDF Output Testing System
Reports: Adobe and Quark Focus on Efficiency
Book Production Pack for InDesign
VTools Adds Features to QuarkXPress
Free Acronym Converter for QuarkXPress
Website: Add Your Own Text to Signs
InDesign Secrets podcast
• Batch-Convert Illustrator to PDF
• InDesign: Dude, Where's My File?
Three Photoshop Tips from Lesa Snider:
Digging Through Tools
Sharpening a Multi-Layer Document
Quick Eye Enhancement
Lesa's website
Lesa's book

April 20, 2009:

"The Copyright Registry"?
Retrospect 8: Faster, Easier to Use
VideoFlash Converter: Convert Video to Flash
Bokeh Your Photos! Example tutorial / Imaging Insider interview
Video Tutorials from Quark
Video: Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: Desktop Printing Techniques
InDesign Secrets podcast
• A PDF Version of InDesign Help
Three Photoshop Tips from Lesa Snider:
Photoshop Style Sheets
Lesson in Leading
Learning to Kern
Lesa's website
Lesa's book

April 13, 2009:

Skills Assessment
Adobe and Quark Integration Guides
Upcoming Events
Free PDF-to-Word Converter
The Newest Camera Features
InDesign Secrets podcast
Three Photoshop Tips from Lesa Snider:
Quick black-and-white with color tint
Partial color effect
Portrait popper (vignettes)
Lesa's website
Lesa's book

April 6, 2009:

U.S. Senate May Allow Newspapers to Operate as Non-profits
New Postage Rates
Macworld Expo Moves to February
Jay Nelson at HOW Design Conference
13th Annual Webby Awards
Upgrade to Adobe CS4 from Any Version
$299 Upgrade to QuarkXPress 8 -- from version 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7!
QuarkXPress Table of Features by Version Number
Suitcase Fusion 2 Now Supports Tiger
InDesign Secrets podcast
• See Spot Colored Items in Acrobat
• Force Hyphenation in InDesign and QuarkXPress
• Crop a Layered Document

March 30, 2009:

Google Quick Search: Search Everywhere At Once
QuarkXPress 8 Video Training
Adobe Videos: Everyday Timesavers
Quick Look Plug-in for Illustrator, InDesign, FreeHand & EPS Files
Quick Look Plug-in for QuarkXPress
Track Text Changes in InDesign and QuarkXPress with CtrlChanges and Blacklining
Badia Duplica XT 4: an Über Eyedropper for QuarkXPress
Outstanding Designs of Business Cards
InDesign Secrets podcast
• Find First in QuarkXPress
• Flip Across Pages in InDesign
• Quickly Crop to Edges in Photoshop

March 23, 2009:

Facebook's Shameful Ownership Policy
Dangerous Acrobat Security Flaw
Fall '09 Fashion Color Report
WhatTheFont Now on iPhone
iTunes for Audiophiles
Suitcase Fusion 2 Reviewed
• Try OCR in Acrobat
• Better Importing from MS Word
• Bring CS3 Features Back to CS4

March 16, 2009:

Free Photoshop Webinars
Much Easier File Sharing with MobileMe (video)
Professional Portfolios
How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer (book)
Buyer's Guide: When To Buy a Mac
Report: Flash in InDesign vs. QuarkXPress
Forbidden Color Combinations
• Much Easier Commenting in Acrobat
• How to Collaborate Live in Acrobat
• Using . , / & X in InDesign

March 9, 2009:

Pantone Mugs
Gluon's ProPack 8 & StudioPack
Web Style Guide: Timeless Wisdom
Design for Special Events
New MyFonts Website Rocks!
Incredible Census Maps
• Use Acrobat to Generate Hyperlinks
• Tricks to Control New Document Sizes in Photoshop
• Better PDF Names from QuarkXPress
• Use Help Menu to Find Menu Items

March 2, 2009:

HOW Design Conference
FileMaker Pro 10
Suitcase Fusion 2 review by Jay Nelson
Freeway 5 Makes iPhone Website Content
Voyager Q: A Unique Hard Drive "Enclosure"
Auto-Flow for InDesign
Nametag: Quick Labels for Pictures in QuarkXPress
Top 10 Advertisements Worldwide
• Find Ornaments in Fonts
• List Fonts in PDFs
• Space the Dots in Dotted Leaders
• Optimize Multiple Exposures in Photoshop

February 23, 2009:

Web Design: An Event Apart: DTM Discount: AEADTM
Vista + PostScript Fonts = Bad News
17-inch MacBook Pro Gets 8-hour Battery: watch the video
PDF2ID 2.0 Improves PDF-to-InDesign Conversions
StudioPack: Four Powerful Plug-ins for InDesign
Eye Candy 5: Textures
Best Practices for Managing Fonts, 5th Edition
Newseum: Front Pages Around the World
InDesign Secrets podcast
• How to Link an Excel Spreadsheet to a Table
• Click-drag Lightness, Hue and Saturation

February 16, 2009:

Avoid Barracudas
Seagate Fixes Hard Drive Problem
Trojan Horses in Pirated Software
Mac OS X 10.5.6 Update Fixes InDesign Problems
Updated MacBook Has FireWire, Faster Graphics
iPhoto '09 and iMovie '09
Mac Box Set = $149 for Mac OS X 10.5, iLife '09 & iWeb '09
Photo Calculator for Your iPhone
• Create Your Own Blog Avatar at Gravatar
• Click the Text, Not the Checkbox
• Add a Background to a PDF
• Quick Color Boost in Photoshop CS4

February 9, 2009:

Answers to Professional Font Questions
Shadow Mirrors Your Data
Graphic Authority Design Elements
Tiffen: 2,000 Professional Photographic Filters
The Web Designer's Idea Book
Preview Web Designs in 85 Browsers
Veer: Explore Your Model
PhotoshopUser TV
• Optical Kerning & Numbers Don't Mix
• Create Another iPhoto Library
• Magic Setting for Dodge & Burn Tools in CS4

February 2, 2009:

QuarkXPress 8.02 Updater
QuarkXPress 8.02 List of fixes
Buy FlightCheck, Get Q2ID, ID2Q or PUB2ID Free
Q2ID & ID2Q Updated for QuarkXPress 8 and InDesign CS4
Lynda.com: Advanced InDesign and Basic Final Cut Express
Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual
The Graphic Reporter website
InDesign Secrets podcast
• Acrobat's Object Inspector
• Diagonal Guides in Illustrator
• Click-and-Drag Graphics in InDesign

January 26, 2009:

Two Solutions for Glossy Displays: Photodon & TechRestore
MagneCote: Magnetic Paper
Photofont WebReady: Searchable Web Headlines in Any Font
Convert PDFs to InDesign docs: PDF2ID 2.0
Ben Willmore's Photoshop CS4: Up To Speed
Website: Convert RGB Colors to Paint Tints
• Zooming Tip
• Compare Documents in Acrobat
• Drag-Select Entire Paragraphs in InDesign
• Blend Artwork Into an Image in Photoshop

January 19, 2009:

Macworld Expo roundup
Softpress Freeway
Suitcase Fusion 2
FontAgent Pro 5
Future of Macworld Expo
Layoffs at Adobe & Quark
The Modbook for Designers
Free Guide to Integrating QuarkXPress with Adobe Creative Suite
Website: The Best Flash & CSS Designs
• Share Your Screen in Acrobat
• Illustrator Smart Objects in Photoshop
• Rotate Spread View in InDesign

January 12, 2009:

Bert Monroy Artist Retrospective
Upcoming Events Page
Why and How to Buy a UPS: CreativeTech's UPS Buyers Guide
Migrate to the Mac with Belkin Cable
Download Popular Logos: BrandsOfTheWorld
• Manage Third-Party Photoshop Plug-ins
• Exact Text Links in Acrobat
• Replace a Graphic in InDesign

January 5, 2009:

Top 10 Stories from CreativePro.com, part 1 & part 2
LogoLounge.com: Logo Trends in 2008
Excellent Masking Tools:
• Vertus' Fluid Mask
• onOne's Mask Pro
• Digital Film Tools' EZ Mask
Download Adobe's Guide to Acrobat 9
Affordable, Professional Film Clips from Thought Equity & iStockphoto
• External Hard Drive Advice
• Use InDesign & QuarkXPress Style Sheets in Word
• Spotlight Searches Photoshop Files!

December 29, 2008:

ReadyImages: New Image Service for Corporate Presentations
iStockphoto for corporate presentations
Artbeats: HD Stock Video & Textures
Color Oracle previews color blindness
Bracketeer combines bracketed photos
50 Sets of Free Photoshop Brushes
Cumulus: mega-asset manager
Studio Lettering Collection from House Industries
Design Parts Sourcebook: Rock and Street Culture
Photoshop Lady: Photoshop tutorials
•The Key to Successfully Open Files Downsaved from QuarkXPress and InDesign

December 22, 2008:

CS4 Trial Versions Now Available
Pantone GOE Libraries for Creative Suite 4
QuarkXPress 8.01 Update
10 Million Photos from Life Magazine
Verbatim's Movie-Reel DVD-Rs & 45-RPM CD-Rs
Verbatim's Archival DVDs
Pantone's 2009 Color of the Year
• Preview Sharpening in Camera Raw
• Better Grayscale Photos in CMYK
• Save All Open Documents in InDesign
• QuarkXPress 8 Tip: The "Local Formatting" ToolTip

December 15, 2008:

RAM: Cheap Speed Booster
CreativeTechs: Free Information & Inspiration
Free On-Demand Webinars: Color for Creatives
Mister Retro's Permanent Press
Nik Silver Efex Pro
Pentawards: Packaging Award Winners
• Always Read the Fine Print
• Redefine Symbols in Illustrator
• Quickly Change View Percentage
• Zoomify Your Photos

December 8, 2008:

Selected Ways to Learn Adobe Creative Suite 4:

Total Training

Ben Willmore's Adobe Photoshop CS4: Up to Speed
Deke McClelland's Adobe Photoshop CS4 One-on-One
Adobe InDesign CS4 One-on-One, by Deke McClelland and David Futato
Lesa Snider's Photoshop CS4: The Missing Manual
Adobe Photoshop CS4 Classroom in a Book
Amazon's CS4 Books page

Ars Technica
Design Tools Monthly's CS4 New Features overview

James Dempsey's list at Macworld
Free CS4 Superguide

Other Topics:
Book: QuarkXPress 8: Production Tricks and Experts' Tips
Inside Digital Design
ImageFramer: Realistic Mats and Frames
Suitcase Fusion 2
64 Years of Presidential Commercials
• View First Page Separate from Spreads in Acrobat
• Make Multiple Frames the Same Height or Width in InDesign
• Helpful Adjustment Presets in Photoshop

December 1, 2008:

$25 Gift Subscriptions to Lynda.com
Canvastic for Young People
Pando Sends Up To 1 GB Files for Free
Blow Up 2
Genuine Fractals 6
StuffIt Expander 13
Quick Look Filter for QuarkXPress Documents
Navigate the Image Grid in BrightQube
• Make a PDF Form in InDesign or QuarkXPress
• Select and Distribute Guides in InDesign
• Reselect in Photoshop

November 24, 2008:

6x Blu-ray Drive
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.1
Freeway Discount for Adobe CS4 Owners
2-for-1: Q2ID & ID2Q
Exporting from QuarkXPress 7 to 6 & InDesign CS4 to CS3
Quark Posts "New Features" videos for download and on YouTube
Is It Safe To Upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard?
• Option/Alt Key Resets Dialog Boxes
• Skip the Confirmation Prompts
• Control InDesign's Frame Fitting
• Instantly Name PDF Bookmarks

November 17, 2008:

Apple Updates MacBook & MacBook Pro
Apple Switches to DisplayPort Video
MacBooks Can Use 6GB of RAM
25 Years of Cell Phones
FCC Approves Unlicensed Use of White Space
Flash Player 10 Includes 3D Tools
Acrobat 9 Pro, Bookmarks and Hyperlinks
• Add Several Layer Styles
• Save Your Guides as Snippets
• Quickly Change Fonts in QuarkXPress

November 10, 2008:

MetalFX: Single-pass Metallic Inks
Galaxy Gauge: An Exceptional Graphic Arts Ruler
Graphic Inspector 1.5
ITC Franklin vs. ITC Franklin Gothic
Switching from Windows to Mac
Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual
• OpenType Pro "Opticals" Explained
• InDesign's Slug Area
• QuarkXPress and Text in Legacy Files
• Two-Step File Sharing with .Mac

November 3, 2008:

USB 3.0 in 2010
Drobo: Now with FireWire!
See Your Favorite Font Designers at Fontshop
Text Exporter for InDesign
TeXTractor: Intelligently Export Text from QuarkXPress
• Use Command-Tab to Switch Applications
• Force Text to a New Column
• InDesign: Force Paragraphs to Start at Top of Page or Column
• QuarkXPress: Show & Hide Tools in the Toolbox
• Photoshop: Quickly Reset Tool Options

October 27, 2008:

Quark Publishing System (QPS) Now Supports InDesign
Casio EX-FH20: The Latest Mind-Blowing High Speed Camera Features
StuffIt Deluxe 2009: Why You Need It
MenuMeters shows your network activity
• Sample Colors From Anywhere
Color Expert for iPhone
• Drag to Insert Pages into PDFs
• Bigger Previews from InDesign
• Space/Align Tricks in QuarkXPress 7 & 8

October 20, 2008:

Orphan Works Act "Hotlined" by U.S. Senate
Adobe Creative Suite 4 New Features List
Apple's New MacBook Pro
SilverFast Eliminates Shadow Noise in Scans
Beautiful, Affordable Photoshop Actions from PanosFX
Better Vertical Justification for InDesign and QuarkXPress
Adorama's 100 Photography Tips in 100 Days
• Save Every Page as EPS in QuarkXPress
• Change Phone Number Formats in InDesign
• Use iChat for Text Messages
• Renumber PDF Pages
• Copy Photoshop Layers, Maintain Position

October 13, 2008:

Pantone's Spring '09 Fashion Color Report
Hard Drives Now 14¢/GB
Free Booklets on Printing
Creative Business
FontAgent Pro Now Cross-Platform
PopChar X Helps You Find Characters
• Visually Adjust Color to Black and White
• Duplicate Pages in Acrobat
• Delete To Right

October 6, 2008:

Adobe Design Achievement Award Winners
Flashforward Winners
Pantone ColorMunki Create
Pantone Color Cue 2.1
The The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book
An Awesome Map of Web Trends
• Faster Digital Camera Transfers
• Refine Edge of Selections
• Power Nudge
• Small Caps vs. All Small Caps

September 15, 2008:

Adobe Improves Searches in Flash on the Web
World's First 50-Megapixel Sensor
Leopard Still Not Ready for Prime Time
Leopard & Color Management
Epson beta drivers
Freeway 5.2 Adds iPhone Support
FotoMagico 2.5 Now Supports Lightroom, iPhoto and iTunes
• Two Fast Ways to Your Apps
• Photoshop: Copy Merged
• Find/Change with Formatted Text
• Make Logos in QuarkXPress
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

September 8, 2008:

Upcoming Events
Jay Nelson on Inside Digital Design
$500 Price Cut on MacBook Air
QuarkXPress 7.5 Update Released
60-day Free Trial of QuarkXPress 8
Adobe Ships Photoshop Lightroom 2.0
Lightroom 2.0 Review in Macworld
1.5 TB Hard Drive: $290
• Photoshop Color Picker Secrets
• See Picture Resolutions in PDFs
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

September 1, 2008:

Upcoming Events
Jay Nelson on Inside Digital Design
$500 Price Cut on MacBook Air
QuarkXPress 7.5 Update Released
60-day Free Trial of QuarkXPress 8
Adobe Ships Photoshop Lightroom 2.0
Lightroom 2.0 Review in Macworld
1.5 TB Hard Drive: $290
• Photoshop Color Picker Secrets
• See Picture Resolutions in PDFs
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

August 4, 2008:

Pantone-Colored Flash Drives
Brother's $299 11x17 Color Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax
The Best Type Book Creator: Veenix TypeBook Creator
Free Tutorials on Color Composition from MasterColors
• Acrobat's Powerful Contextual Menus
• Quick-Select Fields
• Change the Grid in InDesign
• Change & Add Keyboard Shortcuts in QuarkXPress: LiveKeys
• Easily See "Registration" Color
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

July 28, 2008:

AIGA | Aquent 2008 Salary Survey and Calculator
Open XML Converter for Office 2004
PDF 1.7 Released as ISO Standard
Adobe Acrobat 9 - Review on PlanetPDF:
What's a PDF Portfolio? Donna Baker's overview
• Why You Can't Screen Back a CMYK Conversion of a Pantone Color
• Color-Code Your Layers
• How to Create Dotted Tab Leaders
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

July 21, 2008:

Acrobat.com: Free Public Beta
Adobe's PDF Print Engine, version 2
Adobe Flash Player 10
Adobe Reader 9
QuarkXPress 8 New Features
QuarkXPress 8: More Than 3x Faster
QuarkXPress 8 Road Show
Buy Version 7 XTensions, Get Version 8 Free: ThePowerXChange, XChange Int'l
• Easily Copy Colors & Styles Between Documents
• Clear Overrides in Multiple Paragraphs
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

July 14, 2008:

Jeff & Jay take the week off to enjoy summer. See you next week!
Solar energy

July 7, 2008:

We Love Ron & Joe
Profolio: Beautiful, Affordable Presentations
Mastering CSS with Dreamweaver CS3 (Voices That Matter)
History: Photoshop-style Undo for InDesign
Find a Digital Printer
The Freelance Designer's Self-Marketing Handbook
• Raw File Insurance
• Photoshop's Image Processor
• Reverse Arrowheads
• Merge Union in QuarkXPress
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

June 30, 2008:

Adobe AIR
AIR Essential Training
Visual Basic Returning to Office for the Mac
CSA Images: Authentic American Illustrations
InPreflight: Simple Preflight for InDesign
TextExpander & Typinator
QuarkCopyDesk: Quark's Word Processor
Freelancers Union: Help for Freelancers
• Power Shortcuts for Coloring Objects in InDesign
• Name CMYK Images CMYK
• Smoother Blends & Drop Shadows in PDFs
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

June 23, 2008:

Tapestry: Holographic Data Storage
SiteGrinder: Web Pages from Photoshop Layers
Phantasm: Amazing Color Adjustments in Illustrator
Copyscape: Who's Ripping Off Your Website Content?
Pricing & Ethical Guidelines
• Live Color in Illustrator
• Select Objects Quickly in Photoshop
• Create a Preflight Droplet
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

June 16, 2008:

No More Kinko's
Public Betas of CS4: Dreamweaver, Fireworks & Soundbooth
Free training on CS4 at Lynda.com
Buy QuarkXPress 7 Now
Getting Started Video for QuarkXPress 7
Uncoated GoeGuide Now Available
• Pantone's Goe white paper
onOne's Esssentials 2: Professionally Fix Photos in iPhoto
Page Exporter: Export InDesign Layers and Pages as Separate Files
ClipArtConnection: Instant, Affordable Clip Art
• Align to Artboard?
• Adjust Word Spacing
• Synchronize Color Settings from Bridge
CreativePro.com, PrintBuyersOnline.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

June 9, 2008:

Electronic In-Out Board
$3 Custom Mousepads
New Drivers for Old Scanners: VueScan & SilverFast
Book: GREP in InDesign CS3
I Love Typography website
• PDF Blacks Not Black Enough?
• Drag Effects from Object to Stroke or Fill
• Create Partial Opacity & Fill Empty Pixels
• Inline Graphics, Outside the Box
CreativePro.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

June 2, 2008:

Adobe Acrobat 9 and Acrobat.com
QuarkXPress 8 due in July
• New Features overview at PlanetQuark.com
• Article at X-Ray Magazine
CreativePro.com, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

May 26, 2008:

Map Resources: Maps of Congress Districts
XRAY: Amazing, Instant Info on Web Elements
Microsoft ClearType Font Collection from Ascender
The Digital Photography Companion
• Use Acrobat to OCR Columns
• Smooth Tool Simplifies Paths
• The "Fixed Column Width" Checkbox
• Tips for Magnetic Tools
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

May 19, 2008:

Quark's QPS 7.4 Supports Leopard
PhotoRescue Now Klix
Flash Drives: Speed vs. Capacity: Corsair Flash Voyager
Free InDesign plug-in: ImageLibraryLoader
Free QuarkXPress XTension: Gluon Outlines
PDFOnline: Online PDF Converter for Microsoft Publisher Files
• Drag to Extract PDF Pages
• Find Transparency in InDesign
• A Safer Folder for Photoshop Plug-ins
Badia Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

May 12, 2008:

Is Leopard Safe? Still Waiting…
GoLive Discontinued: migrate to Dreamweaver —
***– migration resources from Adobe
***– and free migration video from Lynda.com
"Orphan Works" Bill —You May Lose 2/3 of Your Value:
***– see Graphic Artists Guild
***– and audio interview
EMC Acquires Iomega
24-inch, 3GHz iMac
LaCie 324: Excellent 24-inch LCD Display review
Samsung 2263DX: Mini-Me Display
Liquid Resize Preview
Badia Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

May 5, 2008:

Photosynth and SeaDragon
Compfight: A Useful Flickr Search Tool
Page Control 2 for Vertical Spreads in InDesign
FocalPoint: A Unique Focus Tool
• Kill White Lines in Acrobat
• The Tab Ruler Magnet
• Snap-to-Guide Tricks for QuarkXPress
• Print Your Own Beautiful Cards from iPhoto
Badia Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

April 28, 2008:

Print Posters at Staples
Bravo SE Disc Publisher Supports Blu-ray
Kodak GEM Removes Blemishes
Gluon Cropster: Auto-Dimensioning, Multi-page Cropping, and more…
Will Sherwood's Success Secrets of Graphic Design Superstars
• Convert Images to Grayscale in Acrobat
• Save Selections in Illustrator
• The Caps Lock Key is NOT Your Friend
Badia Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

April 21, 2008:

Ghent Workgroup's Help for Printing from Microsoft Office
Gefen's Video via USB
Adobe Font Folio Education Essentials
xScope: Fantastic On-Screen Design Aid
Quick Look Plug-ins for Leopard
• Find Pantone Colors in Images
• Control Photoshop Layers in QuarkXPress and InDesign
• Better Blend to Black
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

April 14, 2008:

Pantone's Color Report for Fall 2008
ColorMunki: All-in-One Color Tool
Faster MacBook Pro with Multi-touch
PopChar X 3.4
Veenix Type Tools: A Font Sample Printer We Recommend
A Designer's Guide to Adobe InDesign and XML
ILoveDesign.com: Quark's New Site for Designers
• Copy Corrections to Other Photoshop Files
• Combine Boxes/Frames
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

April 7, 2008:

Image Doctor 2
Proscale: The Most Powerful Scaler
Fnote: Footnote Relief
Take Control of Easy Backups
• Selecting Type: Clickety-Click
• Let Bridge Make Contact Sheets in InDesign
• Control the Control Panel
• Paste Objects Onto a Path
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

March 31, 2008:

It's Time to Get a DVD Burner
PageFrame 2.0
LikeFindsLike 1.0.2
ReplaceInPlace 1.0.2
Learn Color Management from the Master: Chris Murphy's Real World Color Management bookAmazon and video training
• Content Tool Trick for QuarkXPress
• Toggle Tools in InDesign
PDF2ID: Convert FreeHand to InDesign
• Hidden Trick: Clone Source
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

March 24, 2008:

Use AirPort Base Station for Time Machine Backups
Time Capsule & Hard Drives
Hard Drive Size for Time Machine: Macworld article
Take Control of Easy Backups in Leopard
1TB Drive: $250
Retrospect X Under Development
New Website: Quark Labs
EPS Quick Look Plug-in
SneakPeek Pro: Add Support for Adobe Apps in Quick Look
• Double/Triple Click in InDesign
• Center a Page in QuarkXPress
• Use "Find" on Web Pages
AdCracker: 10 Best Ads in the World
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

March 17, 2008:

Fight Over: Blu-ray Wins
100GB Blu-ray Discs
Video: See What's New in 10.5.2
Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.5.2
Microsoft's Pesky .docx Files (NeoOffice)
Huey Pro:
Odd Tints, Lost USB and Leopard
the Best Auto-Trace
Exports in Silverlight Format
Layout Zones in InDesign
InDesign CS3 Beyond the Basics
Learn QuarkXPress 7 by book or video
50% off QuarkXPress New Features video
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

March 10, 2008:

Default Folder X 4.0
Smasher 1.6: Worth Having
PopChar X Turns 20
• Acrobat Converts Websites to PDF
• The Magic Right-Indent Tab
• Change a Project to Single Layout
Sort Text in QuarkXPress
Free Brushes & Patterns
ColorJack: Explore Colors
Andromeda Software, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

March 3, 2008:

SeeFile 4
PageSender 4.2 for Online Faxes
Text Cleaner 3 & Clean Text: Clean Your Text, Even in QuarkXPress & InDesign
Terrific, Free Pixel Fonts
• Change Text Formatting in Acrobat
• "Auto" Leading =?
• ESC from Text Frames
• Preview CMYK in RGB Mode
JoJo: Open QuarkXPress 6 in 6 and 7 in 7
Super Bowl Ads
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

February 25, 2008:

FastMac's 4x Blu-ray Burner
500GB Laptop Drives
128GB Flash Drive
Internal Memory Card Reader for MacBook Pro
Sigmaker: Convert Graphics to Fonts
VectorMagic: The Best Auto-Trace?
Free GoLive to Dreamweaver Training Videos
• Better Font Previews in Leopard
• Use Custom Distiller Settings in QuarkXPress
• Rearrange Styles in InDesign
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

February 18, 2008:

The MacBook Air and speed tests
$25,000 Giveaway
Adobe Discontinues Stock Photos
Apple's Best Quarter Ever
Use Cheaper Windows Vista on Your Mac
Microsoft Office 2008 & Macros
Acrobat 8.1.2 Supports Leopard
DiskWarrior 4.1 Supports Leopard
SuperDuper Now Leopard Compatible
onOne Updates for Leopard
Quark Interactive Designer Compatible with Leopard
QuarkXPress Filter for Spotlight
ProVJ 1.2
David Blatner's InDesign Tips plug-in
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

February 4, 2008:

Apple One to One Program
PUB2ID 1.5
onOne Software's PhotoTune
• Set the Key Photo in iPhoto '08
• A Trick for Printing Troublesome PDFs
• Export Flash to QuickTime
• Convert Text to Outlines
• Surprising Uses for Adobe Bridge
• QuarkXPress 7 drag-and-drop XTension
TypeTester: See How Your Fonts Will Look on the Web
Fonts & Encodings: The Greatest Font Book Ever
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

January 28, 2008:

Blu-ray Picks Up Steam
Back To My Mac
MacWireless: Add 802.11n Wi-Fi to Older Macs
Microsoft Office 2008
QuarkCopyDesk 7
Typefi Autofit: Auto-Size and Link Items in InDesign
Move into Movies with Final Cut Express
Mac OS X and Helvetica Fractions: FontDoctor
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

January 21, 2008:

Macworld Highlights:
DisplayLink USB video device
Time Capsule
FontDoctor Now Cleans Font Caches
Smasher Automatically Cleans Font Caches
FontAgent Pro
Extensis "Universal Type Server"
Photoshop Elements 6
New XTensions from Quark & Quark Labs site
• ShadowCaster
• Quark Welcome Screen
• Quick Look Filter
• Image Drag and Drop
20% Off iPhoto Books & Calendars (Use coupon code NAWinterBook08 for photo books and NAWinterCal08 for calendars.)
Should You Upgrade to Leopard Yet? (ebook)
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

January 7, 2008:

Adobe's record revenues
Apple's new eight-core Mac Pro
Apple's new eight-core Xserve
We'll be back after Macworld Expo!
InDesign Magazine, InDesignSecrets.com & PlanetQuark.com

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