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December 31, 2007:

Foil Lux: Infinite Colors on Foil
The Hidden UPS Control in Mac OS X
To StuffIt or Not
Tip: Save PDFs as Lower Versions
Tip: Don't Crop, Trim!
Tip: Paste From Library in InDesign
Tip: Set Up a Grid of Guides in QuarkXPress
Website: Strange Statues
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

December 17, 2007:

PIA/GATF 2008 Employee Recognition Calendar
2008 Calendar Templates for Photoshop
Professional Calendar Templates for InDesign, QuarkXPress & Illustrator
Free Book: Integrating QuarkXPress with Adobe's Creative Suite
Free Guide: Digital Photography for Print Production
Free Video: Migrating from FreeHand to Illustrator
Free Shortcuts Guide for Illustrator CS3
Special Report: CDs, DVDs and Archiving
Holiday Gift Guides: Ours & Terri Stone's
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

December 10, 2007:

Adobe’s New CEO
PDF 1.7 Now ISO Standard
Creative Suite 3 & Leopard
Quark Opens Support Center in Denver
Quark’s Live Online Support
QuarkXPress 7.31
Mac OS X 10.4.11 Improves OpenType Use in QuarkXPress
Leopard 10.5.1 Still Not Ready
Leopard Changes Creation Dates
Troubleshooting Leopard: MacInTouch’s Special Report
Leopard Incompatibilities: MacFixIt’s list
Leopard Alerts: VersionTracker, MacUpdate, App Update widget
TechTool Pro 4.6.1 Works on Leopard
Data Rescue II 1.2 for Leopard
Suitcase Fusion 12.1.7 Adds Leopard Support
FontAgent Pro Updated for Leopard
Leopard & Helvetica: It’s Time to Think Different(ly)
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

December 03, 2007:

qXport: Convert MS Word to XPress or InDesign
QPS 7 Completely Rewritten
Editorial Workflow Systems Compared
Tip: Find/Change Invisible Characters
Layer Comps in InDesign
Tip: Make Stroke & Fill Colors the Same in Adobe products
Tip: Copy Illustrator Paths into QuarkXPress
What's SWOP?
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

November 26, 2007:

Lulu: Custom Calendars: Easy & Profitable
Tip: Create a Movie from an iPhoto Slideshow
TransType Pro: Convert Your Fonts to OpenType
Take Control of Fonts in Leopard
PDF2ID: Convert PDFs to Native InDesign
ID2Q: Convert InDesign documents to QuarkXPress
Tip: Panes-to-Palettes in Acrobat
Tip: Power Paste in QuarkXPress & InDesign
Tip: Hide Items from Master Pages in InDesign
Tip: Remove Paragraph Formats but Keep Character Formats in QuarkXPress
Tip: A Useful Pangram
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

November 19, 2007:

Microsoft JPEG XR to Become Industry Standard
Adobe Acrobat 8.1.1 and Reader 8.1.1
Holiday Gift Guide for creative professionals (click for list with links)
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

November 12, 2007:

Hard drive failures in Apple laptops & Mac mini
Two bug fixes for Leopard
Holiday Gift Guide for creative professionals (click for list with links)
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

November 5, 2007:

Upgrade to Leopard? Not Yet
Apple’s Guided Tour Videos of Leopard Features
Apple’s “300 New Features” Article
John Siracusa’s Leopard Report
Andy Ihnatko’s Favorite Leopard Features
Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard
Boot Camp Beta Expired
Microsoft Extends Life of Windows XP
The OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan Horse
InDesign CS3 5.0.1
Noble Desktop’s InDesign CS3 Keyboard Shortcut Guide
DTPTools’ Free Keyboard Shortcuts Plug-in for InDesign CS3
PasteBoard XT: A Taller, Wider Pasteboard for QuarkXPress
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

October 29, 2007:

Windows on Mac: Parallels vs. Fusion
Genopal: Color Palette Generator Updated
Text-Osterone: Easy Animated Text
SWF, Lock & Load: Easy Animated Flash Preloaders
Presentation for Copyright Education
Tip: Smooth Vector Graphics for Websites
Tip: Compare Any Two Documents
Tip: Photoshop Extracts Images from PDFs
Tip: Easy Contact Sheet
Thought Equity: Videos from NBC News
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

October 22, 2007:

One Powerful Leopard Feature: screen sharing
Use Safe Boot to Clear Font Caches
Huey Pro: Just Get One
Professional Stock Layouts
OpenType: Standard vs. Pro
Tip: Epson Hygiene
Tip: Convert a PDF to Grayscale
Tip: Fit Box to Text in QuarkXPress
Tip: Scroll & Zoom with Trackpad
Sponsors: InDesign Magazine & PlanetQuark.com

October 15, 2007:

QuarkXPress Server 7
Add New AirPort to Older Macs
JAlbum: Beautiful Photo Albums and Free Online Photo Hosting
Free EasyEnvelopes
Tip: Use Multiple Views in Acrobat
Tip: Select Everything on a Layer in InDesign or QuarkXPress
Tip: Copy Formatting with One Click in QuarkXPress
Tip: Use Camera Raw with JPEG & TIFF
Tip: Camera Raw's Saturation vs. Vibrance Sliders
Tip: Best Resolution for Line Art
Sponsors: Vision's Edge & Lynda.com

October 8, 2007:

Quark Print Collection Now Supports Acrobat 8
Epson 1400: Great 13x19 prints
Pantone's Fashion Color Report Spring 2008
Illustrator CS3 WOW!
Graphic Inspector: a Rare Gem
Automate RSS Feeds in Dreamweaver
Tip: Easy Searches in Acrobat
Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed iPhoto
Tip: Round/Square Picture Boxes in QuarkXPress
Tip: The Elusive Circle-P
Sponsors: Vision's Edge & Lynda.com

October 1, 2007:

QuarkXPress 7 & Adobe PDF Printer
Goe Color Space = sRGB?
The Amazing ScanSnap
1,500 Free Earth Science Symbols
Proper Fractions in InDesign
Taz Tally's Prepress Essentials
What's PDF/X-4?
Tip: Align Points in Illustrator
Tip: PDF Books from iPhoto
Tips for Long URLs: TinyURL
Sponsors: FontMarketplace.com & Hot Door

September 24, 2007:

Microsoft's XPS Competes with PDF
Photoshop Extended?
Free Google 3D Warehouse Content for Photoshop
Blow Up: The Best Image Enlarger
Imaging Insider
PopChar for Windows & Mac
Fontifier: Your Handwriting as a Font for $9
FontShop's Font Magazine
Tip: Control New Text Layers
Tip: Illustrator's New Eraser Tool
Sponsors: Markzware & Pantone

September 17, 2007:

Pantone's New Goe System
Microsoft HD Photo Plug-in for Photoshop
Blog for Creative IT Managers: MakeMacWork
Tip: Full Screen Videos in QuickTime Player
Flip4Mac WMV
ID2Q: Open InDesign CS3 Files in QuarkXPress 7
Tip: Corner Guides in InDesign
Tip: Split Windows in QuarkXPress
ShineOff Fixes Facial Glare
Sponsors: An Event Apart & FontShop

September 10, 2007:

8 Cores May Not Help
"Optimizing System Performance"?
Hard Drives: 25¢/GB
USB Flash Drives: $8/GB
Tip/Bug: Install CS2 Before CS3
Capture Stills from DVDs
Professional Noise Reduction for Images
TypeTool 3 Builds & Converts Fonts
Tip: Use Object Styles to Fit Frames in InDesign
Tip: Align to Page in QuarkXPress
Sponsors: An Event Apart & Alien Skin Software

September 3, 2007:

New Cameras Require CS3?
New iMacs: Bigger, Shinier, Cheaper
Design to a specific display size: Screen 640x480
Impressive 3D Type
Professional Faxing Software
Tip: Email Your Current Document
Tip: Autocorrect Text in InDesign
Badia LiveKeys 2.0 Light
Tip: Print Vector EPSes Smoothly on Inkjets in QuarkXPress
80 Photoshop Text Effects
Sponsors: Voices That Matter Web Design Conf. & Alien Skin Software

August 27, 2007:

The Unique Drobo
Tip: Web Image Size
Tip: Add Web Images to iPhoto
Free Google Tools for Dreamweaver
Go Font Yourself, from Chank
Tip: The Direction of the Slash
White Overprint Detector for Illustrator
Better Font Menus, WYSIWYG in QuarkXPress
Tip: Visually Scroll Through Your Fonts
Tip: Faster Fields in InDesign
Sponsors: Voices That Matter Web Design Conf. & Alien Skin Software

August 20, 2007:

Flash Security Hole
Convert SWF to FLA
Multi-terabyte DVDs
Mini Blu-ray?
Type Fitting Tool Now Free for InCopy
Tip: Copy Ruler Guides in InDesign
MarkzTools Now Universal Binary
Tip: Preview in Grayscale in QuarkXPress
Getty Offers Warner Bros. Content
Use a Tintbook
Sponsors: An Event Apart & Alien Skin Software

August 13, 2007:

Adobe's FedEx-Kinko's Button
AGI CS3 World Tour
Quark Expands to California
More Than Five Copies of QuarkXPress?
Map Resources Now in PDF
Free Chank Fonts
Tip: Option-Everything in InDesign
Tip: Export Pages as Separate PDFs from QuarkXPress
Send Big Files with YouSendIt.com or Pando
Sponsors: The PowerXChange & Alien Skin Software

August 6, 2007:

Microsoft Delays Office 2008 & Releases New Open XML File Converter
QuarkXPress 7.3 Update
Voices That Matter Web Design Conference
An Event Apart Web Design Conference
Free Suitcase Videos
Ben Willmore's Photoshop CS3 Up to Speed
Exportools for InDesign & QuarkXPress
Tip: Frame Fitting Tip for InDesign CS3
Tip: Safely Replace Pages in PDFs
Free XTension: DragNCopy for QuarkXPress
New website: Planet Quark
Sponsors: The PowerXChange & Alien Skin Software

July 30, 2007:

IT Enquirer report on QuarkXPress 7 vs. InDesign CS3
Video: migrating from GoLive to Dreamweaver
Add USB 2.0 to older Macs: IOGear
Tip: Make your flash drives faster
IT8 Calibration: SilverFast
Instant Web albums: JAlbum
Phantasm for Illustrator
Open QuarkXPress 7 documents in InDesign: Q2ID
Tip: Apply alternate OpenType glyphs
Scented varnish: Concord Litho
Complete Typeface Catalog A-Z for $19
Everything about DVDs
Sponsors: The PowerXChange & Badia Software

July 23, 2007:

Acrobat 8.1: an Essential Update
Adobe GoLive 9
$98 Quark Interactive Designer
FreeHand Discontinued
Migrating from FreeHand to Illustrator
Hot Door MultiPage
Canvas No More
Lineform Replaces FreeHand?
Adobe Magazine, v.2
Free Subscription to X-Ray Magazine
Tip: Better Typical Display in InDesign
Tip: Convert Dingbats to Picture Boxes in QuarkXPress
Tip: Easily See What's New in CS3
Famous Fonts
Who Links to Me?
Sponsors: Markzware & Gluon

QuarkXPress 7: Canadian & Latin American Editions
StyleFlocker: More Efficient Style Palette for InDesign
QX-Drag&Drop: Drag Items Into QuarkXPress
Tip: InDesign Text Drag Tip
Tip: Easy Grid in QuarkXPress
Tip: Intuitive Page Printing in Acrobat
Webby Award Winners
CS3 Installer Shuts Off Mac OS X Firewall
QuarkXPress 7.2
Sponsors: Markzware & Gluon


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