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What Our Subscribers Think

Our subscribers in 41 countries include graphic designers, advertising agencies, magazine editors and publishers, book publishers, newspapers, trainers, in-house creative departments, pre-press shops, sales representatives, and computer industry CEOs.

Below are 10 of their unsolicited comments:

"It's like Cliffs Notes for all the magazines and websites I need to be reading but don't have time for."

Shawn Davis, Western Color Graphics

"I am amazed that as thoroughly as I read other magazines, it seems that every issue of DTM has an excerpt of an article that I somehow missed. I really appreciate the time I save from subscribing to DTM."

Dan Claymore, Fenske Companies

"I am the sole proprietor of a graphic design business and receive an overwhelming amount of trade publications and industry information. It is impossible to read everything. Your newsletter and Software Closet service helps curb the continuing gnawing feeling that I am not able to keep up with all that is happening."

Clarice Hirata, Hirata Design

"It is almost impossible to read everything and still have time to get the day-to-day job done. Your publication stands out — we recommend it to all our clients."

Byron Galway, Station to Station Digital Imaging Solutions

"Thank you — that little tip paid for more than half of my subscription."

Ron Herrmann, Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist
and Adobe Certified Expert

"Unlike most magazines, every issue of DTM confirms the value of the subscription. I can't calculate the time it saves me."

Michele O'Hagan, Masterpiece Publishing

"It takes me less than an hour to read through it all, and I can't count the number times I've used the tips in it to squash a bug for a client, make a judgment about an upcoming purchase or learn something new. The information is timely and very easy to absorb a few minutes at time. It's well worth the money."

Will McNaughten Loving, Mac Resource

"When I first received Design Tools Monthly I thought, 'Oh, another thing to read,' and I sort of tucked it away with the mountain of other things that I really needed to do one day. When I finally did begin to read DTM, I kicked myself for having waited so long."

Wendy Crumpler, co-author of Photoshop Artistry

"You've done an excellent job of cutting right to the heart of the matter and communicating the important info in a quick easy-to-read format. Congratulations on an excellent publication."

Scott Kelby, editor of Photoshop User and Layers magazine

"As an owner I appreciate the time you save me. Your publication would be an exceptional value at twice the price."

Steve Robertson, Yukon News


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