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More Unsolicited Comments From Our Readers:

"To keep up to date in the fast-paced world of publishing is virtually impossible. Design Tools Monthly really helps. It contains all the little gems of information that you only get by reading thousands of pages."

Tim Gill, founder of Quark, Inc.

"I have been a loyal subscriber to Design Tools Monthly for over 10 years. It is the one publication I make a point of reading the moment it arrives — and the ability to search the PDF versions of the newsletter is a huge timesaver."

Michael Ninness, Adobe InDesign product manager

"Not only have you educated me every month but you have also provided the easiest way to stay on top of productivity."

Gary-Paul Prince, Peachpit Press

"If every magazine in the world was instantly available to me at any time, there's only one I would want: Design Tools Monthly."

David Blatner, author

"I love Design Tools Monthly. It is brief enough to gain immediate attention and always contains several gems that I missed elsewhere. For anyone serious about keeping up with the digital publishing juggernaut, it falls into the must-have category."

Colin Wood, editor-in-chief of Design Graphics

"Your newsletter does exactly what I wish others would do: give me succinct and usable information that makes my day easier."

Charles Wilhelm, International Typeface Corporation

"Your last e-mail and newsletter made us all in this office say, 'Oh, we are sooooo grateful for Design Tools Monthly. It saves our butts over and over again!' Thanks again for all you do."

Kathi Dunn, Dunn+Associates

"Personally I don't really enjoy keeping up to date with all the latest tech news and software applications. Your publication however has taken the mundane and boring aspect out of it though and has actually turned the process into something I enjoy doing now!"

Von Glitschka, Glitschka Studios

"I had my doubts about subscribing but now it's all we read!"

David O'Brien, Irish Marine Press Publications

"DTM is the best subscription investment I have ever made bar none!!! Thanks for all of your brilliant & painstaking work. I find something to improve our products design quality or increase our design productivity in EVERY issue! In addition we have avoided many potential disasters based on your quick notice of hardware & software problems. We have saved many times more than the cost of DTM every year."

David DeWitt, Time Frame, Inc.

"...a tremendously helpful and time-saving tool for professionals who can't devote all their spare time to reading magazines and websites."

John Massey, Massey Associates

"You manage to sift through all the information out there and deliver to me precisely what I am interested in. I don't know how you do it, but you seem to read my mind and know exactly what I am wanting."

Kass Johns, Current, Inc.

"Thank you for several years of a superb newsletter. I have come to rely on the back issues as a condensed information file and refer to them often."

Joyette Friedman, Fidelity Color

"I find your publication indispensible."

Lynn C. Chrisman, Lynn Chrisman Design

"I have spent hours in the past doing what one of your tips let me accomplish in thirty seconds! Thank you!"

Hilliard Jason, M.D., editor of Education for Health

"Designers, art directors and ad production staff across the country are in need of your publication!! Let's face it -- Design Tools Monthly is the only publication design shops and production staff need to read."

Jennifer I. Liebenow, Novus Marketing

"I find your publication immensely helpful every month."

Betty Wagner, American Urological Association

"I get almost all the publications you cover, but never have time to read them. So it's a tremendous time-saver for me, and I want to thank you!"

Mara Sachs

"I don't have the time to sort through all the magazines, so your publication helps me keep current. I don't feel like I miss a thing."

Julie Dodge

"I have never received better value in any service I have ever subscribed to. Thanks."

Dave Robertson , LA Graphics

"Excellent concept and very fine execution."

Don Bartels, Smith+Bartels

"My compliments to this service. It's great; saves me a lot o' time."

Andrew Liem, Walt Disney Company

"Your newsletter is a lifesaver! Because of a software problem I had, if I hadn't read this month's issue, I'd be dead."

Wendy B. Wolf, graphic designer

"I subscribe to countless trade publications and can honestly say I get the most benefit from yours. It's part of my job to try to stay current with the technology and Design Tools Monthly makes the task easier."

Carol Freed, Anderson Advertising

"Years ago a guy could keep up with all this stuff, but now there's no way. Its a full time job, and one you do really well on our behalf. Thanks."

Michael Bath, Vision's Edge

"There is so much information available to graphic artists that it often becomes an insurmountable task to stay current. DTM's clean, concise style pinpoints pertinent industry developments and makes finding solutions easy again. Additionally, when you can't find an answer to your question, the DTM staff is always responsive and professional. As long as it's in print, I will be a Design Tools Monthly subscriber."

Michele Davis, MakeNoteofit

"Concise, helpful, multiple genres, freeware apps, fonts, website links, it has EVERYTHING!"

David Thomas, Teague


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