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September/October 2013 Software Closet

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Free Graphics & Documents

coconutBattery 2.8
coconutBattery (free) displays important data about your laptop's battery, such as its maximum charge capacity, its current charge, and its original maximum capacity when the battery was new. It also gives the age of the laptop and how many times your battery has been fully charged.

Helpful Utilities

Free Vector Patterns
David Blatner is offering 20 of his custom-made patterns for free download as PDFs at CreativePro.com. The patterns are large enough to fit an A4- or letter-sized page and can be placed as PDFs in InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop, or opened in Illustrator to edit the vector objects. Some of the patterns are repeating, while others appear to radiate, twirl, or pulsate. Check them out here.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Automatic PDF Tooltips from InDesign
Kerntiff Publishing's free InDesign PDF Tooltip script for InDesign CS5-6 lets you create rollover tooltips in an exported PDF. Just select the text that needs a tooltip, double-click on the script in the Scripts panel, and enter the text you want. After you click on "Make Tooltip," the script will create a button over the selected type. You can tweak the tooltip's placement afterward, and if you need to change the text, you'll do that in the Buttons and Forms panel. Get it at www.kerntiff.co.uk

Calendar Wizard for InDesign
Anyone who has had to create a calendar in InDesign — or an ongoing series of them — knows how time consuming they can be. One solution is Scott Selberg's free Calendar Wizard script for InDesign, which features a robust interface that lets you choose how many months to display, choose date ranges, a day to start on, and calendar orientation. In addition, there are several holiday lists to auto-populate your calendars and several custom layers choices such as those for day of the year, background picture, and phases of the moon. The beauty of the script package lies in the additional script that re-fits the calendar to a frame (even when the frame is re-sized) and the use of paragraph styles for easily updating calendar text. Get it at http://calendarwizard.sourceforge.net
For other options, see Sandee Cohen's story at http://indesignsecrets.com/calendar-template-time.php

Convert Footnotes to Sidenotes in InDesign
Peter Kahrel's free sidenotes.jsx script converts all footnotes in a document to sidenotes (margin notes) that travel with the associated text. The script works by creating anchored text frames for the notes to sit in, and options let you assign the width of the text frames and how far they sit from the main text. Styles for the note references are handled by existing character styles, and the document's paragraph style applied to footnotes gets duplicated and the name appended to keep styling easy to manage. Sidenotes can be numbered — just as footnotes are — by the page, spread, or section, and renumbering can be disabled. Additional scripts also let you add new sidenotes as they're needed and give you the ability to stack all sidenotes together at the top, center, or bottom of the page. Get it here.

FontMixer Extends Your Typefaces
Indiscripts' free FontMixer script for InDesign lets you merge characters from individual fonts into a single font, which can then be used in most applications. Using the simple interface, you'll choose a name for the new font, select both a base font and an additional one to use, pick individual characters to include, and then create the composite font. The script (which can be used in conjunction with their IndyFont script) works in InDesign CS5-CC, but the developer warns it is very experimental, so use it with caution. Get it here

Free Fonts

A Font Affair: 14 Free Fonts
At the Going Home To Roost website, Bonnie Forker highlights 14 of her favorite free fonts, with links to download them, at www.goinghometoroost.com/2013/a-font-affair/a-font-affair-6/

Halloween Fonts:

Click any item below to download all these fonts at once (2.93 MB):
Ghoulish Fright AOE
Haunt AOE
Lovesick AOE
Nightmare AOE
Quantum Leap
Twilight New Moon
Yellow Magician





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