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May/June 2013 Software Closet

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Helpful Utilities

AppTrap 1.1.7
AppTrap (free), by Kumaran Vijayan, asks whether you want to remove associated preference files whenever you move an application to the Trash. AppTrap installs as a Preference Pane.

Adobe Photoshop Goodies

Free Photoshop Actions from PanosFX
PanosFX offers some useful free Photoshop actions, including the "Old Goodies" collection that lets you apply your image to a fake photo album, plasma display, old scroll, spiral-bound book, video wall, or a woven hanging. Get the collection at http://www.panosfx.com/free-photoshop-actions/old-goodies.

They also have a remarkably useful Paper Cube collection that puts your photo(s) onto the sides of a cube, then flattens it into a page you can print, cut and fold into a cube! Get it at http://www.panosfx.com/free-photoshop-actions/paper-cube.

Six Sets of Photo Effects
Pariah Burke at CreativePro points out some useful free Actions for Photoshop:

Idiot Actions (Worn Text, Faux-HDR, Blocky Effect, Dribbblify)

Retro Vintage Pro Pack v002 (Black & White Negative, Color Negative, Cross Processing, Velvia Low, Velvia Med, Velvia Hi, Lomo Low, Lomo Med, Lomo Hi, Cyanotype)

50 Photoshop Actions Pack 2

AFW's Bluezy for nice blue tones

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Better Footnotes in InDesign
InDesign's implementation of footnote placement and options is improved by Peter Kahrel's free Footnotes and Columns scripts. The first script lets you split the footnotes' text frame into columns when used with a 1-column text frame, as opposed to having the footnotes span the whole column width. The second script — when used on a multi-column frame — puts your footnotes into one column that spans the width of the multi-column frame. InDesign's default behavior is to put footnotes below the column in which they are called out; this script gives you greater control over that behavior. Get it at www.kahrel.plus.com

Create Inline Footnotes in InDesign
Peter Kahrel's free Footnote Breakline script for InDesign lets you put footnote references inline in a paragraph instead of each item being on its own line. The script even comes with an undo script, which will set all inline footnotes back to the regular, one-per-line footnote style. (Warning: according to Kahrel, the Footnote Breakline script doesn't play nicely with text containing tabs used as number and text separators.) Get it at www.tinyurl.com/78qbawm

Easier Page Jumps in InDesign
InDesign lets you automate the text that guides your reader across story jumps by using the "next page number" and "previous page number" auto-numbering option. To make story jumps easier, check out Jongware's free Please Continue script, which creates the automated jump indicator text frames for you. Get it at www.tinyurl.com/bturaf5

Easily Find Style Overrides in InDesign
Kerntiff Publishing Systems' free Override Navigator script makes finding and highlighting paragraph and character style overrides in InDesign documents a snap. Running the script brings up a dialog with a list of style overrides within the current document or book. You can then jump directly to the override's location and choose to clear the overrides — either by paragraph or character style — directly from the dialog box. To highlight all style overrides onscreen, use Kerntiff's Style Overrides script. www.tinyurl.com/bl4fxok

Easily Insert Unicode Characters
Rorohiko's free UnicodeInjector allows you to create a unique script for each Unicode character you'd like to use — no coding necessary! Simply copy UnicodeInjector into your scripts folder and rename it so that the filename contains the Unicode equivalent (in a specified format, such as U+xxxx) along with any descriptive text to help you identify the character. To insert that specific character with an active text cursor, just double-click the appropriate script. For quicker use, create a subfolder of all your created scripts and assign a shortcut to the ones you use most. Get it at http://www.rorohiko.com/wordpress/manuals/unicodeinjector-easily-insert-any-unicode-character-into-indesign/

Find and Fix Paragraph Style Combinations
Finding text with a specific style applied in InDesign is easy using the Find/Change dialog. However, if you're looking for a combination of paragraph styles, you'll need help from a script like the fix_pstyle_pairs JavaScript from indesigning.net. This simple script allows you to find where two paragraph styles appear in sequence in your document and change them to another combination of styles. This is handy if, for example, you have used a "Subhead" style throughout your document, and in some cases followed it with a style named "Body Text" — but you then need to replace the "Body Text" style in all those instances to a style named "Body Text with Indent". Like all of the scripts on the site, it is free with donations accepted, at www.indesigning.net

Gather Fonts in InDesign
To gather up all fonts in an InDesign document quickly, use Ajar Productions’ free Copy InDesign Fonts to Folder script. It copies a document's fonts to a specific folder, allowing you to send those fonts to a co-worker or make a copy in a client's project folder. This script sure beats packaging up an entire project just to have access to the font folder! Get it at www.tinyurl.com/bo4l3hf

Run a Sequence of InDesign Scripts
Loic Aigon’s Batch Runner extension automates a series of scripts to be executed. The drag-and-drop interface lets you search scripts by name, send them to the sequence list, rearrange the run order as needed, and execute the sequence on the current file (or on a group of files or folders). You can even create and save custom sequences for future use. Get it at www.tinyurl.com/d5gd592

ScaleGraphics: Scale All Graphics
ScaleGraphics is a free script from In-Tools for InDesign that lets you scale graphics en masse in your InDesign documents. This script for CS3 and up will scale images on a page, spread, or across a document. The scaling you choose can be absolute or relative to the current size. ScaleGraphics gives you the option of choosing new frame fitting options and whether or not to limit the resize to raster images only. Get it at http://in-tools.com/products/scripts/

Script Launcher
InDesign scripts are integral to a power user's workflow, but finding the right script quickly can be time-consuming and frustrating. The Script Launcher script (free) makes the task of finding that oddly-named script a breeze. A script itself, you can easily assign a keyboard shortcut to launch Script Launcher, then find a script by typing its name. If you're not sure of the exact name, but know a portion of the name, select the Filter list option and it will bring up all scripts that contain that phrase within its name (similar to InDesign's Quick Apply). Script Launcher keeps track of which scripts were most-recently used and keeps those near the top of the list for easy re-choosing. The last-used script is already chosen for you, so choosing it is as simple as hitting Enter/Return. Get it at www.kahrel.plus.com

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

Borders and Edges for Illustrator
Looking for a nice certificate border or other edge design? Check out these free Illustrator brushes:

Zippers and Stitching

Croatian National Border

Sick Brushes

Pattern Brushes

Free Fonts (click any link to download the entire set)

Bump Pad
Corki Rounded
Corki Rounded Touscan
Corki Tuscan
Droid Regular
FFF Tusj Bold
HFF QuickDraw
HFF Xmas Hoedown
Janda Apple Cobbler
Janda Apple Cobbler Solid
Little Trouble Girl BV
Metropolis 1920
Pirulen Regular
Saved By Zero
Tiki Tooka BV
Titan One
Tropicana BV





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