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April 2013 Software Closet

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Helpful Utilities

Miro Video Converter
The free, open-source Miro Video Converter makes exporting video files to different formats a breeze. Its interface is incredibly simple: just drag a video file into its window and choose an output format by the device you're wanting to play it on or by your preferred format. Miro offers dozens of choices for output, and we're well pleased with its ease of use.

Adobe Photoshop Goodies

Free Photoshop Action Sets
PanosFX offers an assortment of their Photoshop and Elements actions for free. The Paper Cube action set takes a group of images and places them on the faces of a cube, complete with cut and fold marks to print and assemble the finished cube. The Out of Bounds set lets the subject of your photos "escape" the image to give the effect of them leaping off the page. The Old Goodies collection is a set of older actions to put images in certain frame types, such as on a plasma display, video wall, or parchment scroll. Several action sets are available from their download page, and registration is required to download them.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Divide InDesign Frames
Bruno Herfst's free Frame Divider script for InDesign lets you divide an image frame into a neat grid of individual images. The script is similar to the MakeGrid script included with InDesign, but unlike the included script, Herfst's includes options for adding noise to an image and a random shuffle option. Frame Divider's text file indicates that there may be a gutter value option coming soon, which is something it currently lacks (and the included script has).

Pasteboard Expander
Indiscripts' free Pasteboard Expander script extends the pasteboard area to accommodate any objects that have been placed beyond the current pasteboard limit. This method ensures that the pasteboard is big enough (and only on the spreads that actually need the extra room). Works with InDesign CS5–CS6.

Sort an InDesign Story by Headings
Sorting sections of an InDesign story alphabetically is made easy by Matthew Mariani's free Sort Story by Headings script. Each heading must be a single paragraph and must use an exclusive paragraph style. Target a story by placing your cursor anywhere within it, then use the script to search for that header paragraph style (with the option to sort by words with a specific character style) or user-defined index marker. Oddly, the script places a new, sorted version of the story on the first page of the document. You'll need to copy and paste that in place of the original story's text.

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

Batch Transform Objects in Illustrator
When you select multiple objects in Illustrator to transform, the size of the entire group is used as the basis for the transformation. Gustavo Del Vechio's free Precise Batch Transformation script allows you to select multiple objects and enter an absolute value for each object's transformation. This script does what the "Transform Each" command should do, which is work with absolute values as opposed to percentage-based ones.

Free Fonts

Calligraphia Latina Free

Euphoria Script






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