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March 2013 Software Closet

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Free Art & Templates

Flat UI Interface Kit
Using flat user-interface elements is a growing trend in app and website design. If you'd like to experiment with the look, Designmodo's free Flat UI HTML user interface kit includes items such as buttons, input and menu elements, color swatches, and more. It's handy for checking out the current interface trend, and it includes Photoshop graphics you can edit for your own designs.

Free Grungy Paper Textures
Need a grungy paper texture? Something wrinkled, scorched, maybe even stained? Try one of these six free high-quality textures.

Helpful Utilities

GrandPerspective 1.5.1
GrandPerspective (free) is a utility that shows the space that files are taking up on your hard drive, in a graphically useful and interesting way. Each file is shown as a rectangle with an area proportional to the file's size, with files grouped into their folders. It lets you mouse over any rectangle to display its name and location, click the Reveal button to see it in the Finder, color code files by type, and even delete files and folders. It can search a folder or an entire drive.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Merge Data into a Single Frame
When working with Data Merge in InDesign, records are flowed into individual stories, one record per story. Loic Aigon has a free script that allows multiple records to flow into a single text frame, which is handy when making long lists from records, such as when creating a directory. After running the script, all the text is in one story, making reflowing and rearranging a snap. It also makes it possible to apply text wrap while affecting all of the text as one element.

Quick Paragraph Style Info
If you need a list of all paragraph styles used in an InDesign document, try Kasyan Servetsky's free "Export Paragraph Style Description Settings to CSV" script. This handy script exports the name of the style, the style it was based on, character formatting information, nested character styles, and more. The resulting CSV files can be a useful way to compare differences among documents and to ensure consistent styles between team members or across projects.

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

Export Illustrator Artboards to Photoshop
Sending Illustrator artboards to Photoshop is easier with the Export as PSD Illustrator script. It's still in beta, but this free script from Gustavo Del Vechio lets you choose which artboards from the current Illustrator file to export and even lets you send separate elements to Photoshop layers. Other options include leaving text editable, changing resolutions, changing the color mode, and embedding ICC color profiles.

Free Fonts

Honey Script

Moonshiner Round & Sharp

MTF Sweet Nature Dings

Soft Ornaments

Soft Ornaments Two

Znikomit No24 & No24 Thin





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