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February 2013 Software Closet

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Free Art & Templates

Download Popular Logos
Finding accurate logos for popular companies is easy to do at the online database at Brands of the World. The website includes an extensive collection of logos in EPS format, and most are free to download. Brands of the World is an invaluable resource, especially when your client needs a corporate logo in their project, but can’t provide the digital files you need. Go to www.brandsoftheworld.com

Useful Documents

A Typographer’s Checklist, by Lesa Snider
This one-page PDF from Lesa Snider reminds us of the most common mistakes made in text, and the easiest tricks for making your type look professional. Keep a copy for yourself, and give copies to your co-workers!

Design Resources, by Lesa Snider
This three-page PDF from Lesa Snider lists her favorite Websites for Inspiration, Font Usage, and Fonts. It also lists favorite Trade Printers, Books, unique products for designers, and Twitter accounts to follow for inspiration. Every item is hyperlinked for one-click access to its source.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Convert Variable Text in InDesign
Tomaxxi’s TomaxxiVARI is a free InDesign script that converts variable type elements to static text across a document. You can select and convert specific variable type and further concentrate the change on a specific paragraph style. When converting the text, the script can also change the text frame’s object style, search in footnotes and on master pages, and clear out any overrides it encounters. Get it at www.tomaxxi.com

InGutter 2.0
With Indiscripts’ free InGutter script for CS4–CS6, you can not only add column rules, but you can customize their appearance, length, and position, too. InGutter 2.0 offers a new, yet simple UI that lets you choose which sides of the text have rules, background color for the text frame, and separate offset for the top and bottom of the column from the text frame. You can even change the number of columns and gutter amount directly from within the plug-in. When the size of the text frame is changed, the rules dynamically update with it. There’s even a handy PDF on the site with tips to really put the script into action. Get it at http://www.indiscripts.com/category/projects/InGutter

PopTabUnleashed: Paste Cleanly Between Tables
When copying tabular information and pasting it into an InDesign table, the formatting of the copied information comes with the pasted text. Dave Saunders’ free PopTabUnleashed script leaves the formatting of the target table intact when pasting from another InDesign table, or an outside source table such as Excel. The selected text can be an individual cell, range of cells, or a whole table. The script even includes an undo feature for easy reverting back to the original state. Get it at http://jsid.blogspot.com/2012/01/poptabunleashed.html

SizeLabels for Frame Sizes
If you have the need to put size labels on frames within your InDesign documents, check out Rorohiko’s free SizeLabels script. Run the script, and it will add a text frame next to all the frames in your document with their corresponding height and width. You can customize the look of the labels by using specifically named paragraph and object styles, and updating the labels is as easy as running the script again. When you’re ready to print or export, you can delete or hide the labels, as they get sent to their very own layer! Get it at http://www.rorohiko.com/wordpress/otherproducts/sizelabels

Adobe Color Swatches

Spring 2013 Fashion Colors
This “.ase” file contains the fashion colors predicted by Pantone to be the most popular in Spring 2013. To use it, import it into the Swatches panel of any Adobe application. (Click the panel menu in the upper right corner of the Swatches panel, then choose Load Swatches… and navigate to this file.)

Adobe Photoshop Goodies

Yummy Text Styles for Photoshop
DeviantArt.com has a set of free Photoshop text styles that make text appear nicely puffy with a satin finish. Get it at http://artbees.deviantart.com/art/Yummy-Text-Styles-176403353

Free Fonts



One Starry Night

Nymphette (61 glyphs)




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