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January 2013 Software Closet

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Helpful Utilities

Test for Color Blindness
EnChroma (free) is a clever app for the iPhone and iPad that tests for color-blindness, which can be a big help in determining why some clients never agree with your design choices. The test gives a quick synopsis of your results and offers to email a more detailed report.

Adobe Photoshop Goodies

Letterpress Text Styles for Photoshop
DeviantArt.com has a set of free Photoshop text styles that make text appear as if it were slightly pressed into the background (similar to letterpress).

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Quick Look plug-in for InDesign Documents
Jenny Hofer’s free Quick Look generator lets you select an InDesign document in the Finder and tap the spacebar to preview it. To use it, you’ll need to set new InDesign files to display a usable preview or re-save old files with the proper settings (as described on the Web page).

tomaxxiMARK-UP: View Overridden InDesign Page Objects
InDesign makes it easy to override items from a master page while on a document page. What InDesign doesn’t do, however, is let you quickly see which items have been overridden. The free tomaxxiMARK-UP from Marijan Tompa fixes that. Running the script creates a custom XML tag to easily sort by and find those overrides. To find the items, go to View> Structure> Show Structure and click on the override to take you right to the overridden object in your layout. You may need to turn on View> Structure> Show Tagged Frames first.

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

SubScribe for Illustrator
Astute Graphics’ popular SubScribe Designer plug-in for Illustrator is now free on the new Adobe Exchange. SubScribe lets you draw a circle or arc from two or three defined points and includes simple and precise rotation control. The plug-in seamlessly interacts with Astute’s other tools for Illustrator, such as VectorScribe, DrawScribe, and Phantasm. Get it at www.astutegraphics.com

Helpful Documents

A Field Guide To Love & Typography
FontShop’s free 52-page PDF titled “Meet Your Type: A Field Guide To Love & Typography” offers an educational and entertaining look at good typography, choosing typefaces, font licensing, and more.

Adobe Printing Guide
If you use the Creative Suite for any type of printing, check out the new Creative Suite Printing Guide from Adobe. This free 148-page PDF covers topics such as color management, fonts, PDF settings, transparency, and the PDF print engine. Included are individual chapters on Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, and the chapters on Acrobat go over the new features in Acrobat XI.

Free Art

Free Chinese Symbols
www.chinese-symbols.com is a free source for hundreds of Chinese ideographs -- symbols representing things or concepts such as strength, peace, faith, animals, etc. The symbols are in GIF format, which you can resize or auto-trace with your favorite software. Below is the symbol for Designer.

Free Fonts


Heartz (36 glyphs)

Lovers Quarrel

SexyLoveHearts (26 glyphs)

SexyLoveHearts2 (26 glyphs)




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