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November/December 2012 Newsletter



November/December 2012 Software Closet

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Helpful Utilities

When you need a quick, down-and-dirty comparison of two versions of a PDF file, try DiffPDF (free). ItÕs not pretty, but itÕs often more accurate than Acrobat for comparing text.

Fount: Identify Web Fonts
Fount is a "bookmarklet" (a Web browser bookmark that runs a script) that will let you identify what font is being used on a website. Just add it as a bookmark, and then whenever you want to identify the font on a page, just click the bookmark, click the font, and Fount will tell you what font is being used, including size, weight, and style.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

20 Free Must-Have Scripts for InDesign
David Blatner shares 20 of the coolest, most useful (and free!) scripts.

CS Keyboard Cheat Sheets
Hongkiat.com has free desktop and iPad wallpapers that show common keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash. The design is minimal to stay out of your way, and the colors are coordinated to the featured software's icon. Hongkiat recommends printing them to hang near your workstation.

Easily Find Styles in InDesign
The new StyLighter script from Indiscripts expands on the hidden feature of InDesign that lets you view text style overrides. This free script displays each of the different styles in its own color, allowing you to quickly tell what has and hasn't been styled. The simple user interface lets you assign a highlight color for each character or paragraph style, or it randomly assigns one for you. The script works in versions CS4 and up, but there are a few odd color issues in CS5 and CS5.5, which are documented on the Indiscripts site.

Restore InDesign's Share My Screen
Prior to version CS6 of InDesign, users could share their screens with someone else, but Adobe took that away in CS6. While it's still possible to perform this task, doing so requires going to acrobat.com to activate it. A free script from Marijan Tompa reinstates the function into the InDesign menu. Once again, collaborating with team members or consulting with a client can be initiated from within InDesign.

The Dreaded Pink Boxes
When a particular glyph can't be displayed due to a font not containing it, InDesign returns boxes highlighted in pink. Fortunately, master scripter Peter Kahrel has released a free script that stops this by displaying the missing glyphs in a list. The interface displays the Unicode equivalent of the missing characters, grouped by font. Instead of merely listing the absent glyphs, you can also choose another font to apply to them.

Helpful Documents

Screen Sizes of Popular Mobile Devices
When designing pixel-perfect layouts for tablets, it can be handy to know the screen size of popular mobile devices. Quark recently posted a PDF that displays all the sizes.

It shows the screen sizes of the new iPad, iPad2, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung Galaxy S3, Motorola Xoom, HTC Evo, Google Nexus, Nokia Lumina 920 and Sony Tablet S.

Free Fonts

Kaushan Script

Metropolis 1920

Ostrich Sans




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