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October 2012 Software Closet

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Helpful Utilities

ImageOptim: Easy Image Compression
ImageOptim (free) compresses image file sizes. The software removes unnecessary information -- like extraneous color profiles and comments -- from PNG, JPG, and GIF animation files using the optimum compression method for each file. Just drag and drop an image onto the app window or its icon.

Adobe InDesign Goodies

Create OpenType Fonts in InDesign
IndyFont is a free script for creating an OpenType font out of a vector image directly from InDesign. Granted, it's only capable of creating a one-character font containing, say a logo, but it gives you more control over the image than you would have with an inline graphic. The font is easily created by running the script, pasting or creating a vector graphic into the document it creates, filling in a little information, and choosing where the font should be saved. Jongware is working on a commercial version, which will allow multiple glyphs in each font created.

Rorohiko's LikeFindsLike is a free plug-in for InDesign that selects all the frames on a page or spread that are similar to the frame you've selected. You can limit it by any combination of frame type (text or image), width, height, angle, shear, fill color, or stroke color. You can also define a degree of tolerance. For example, you could find all text frames with a similar width as the selected one, with the same fill and stroke color.

Adobe Photoshop Goodies

Swatches of Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils and Paints
At CreativePro.com, Pariah Burke gathered up a nice collection of websites that provide digital color swatches (.aco files for Photoshop) of many of the real-world coloring counterparts you may use or remember: Crayola crayons, Crayola colored pencils, Primacolor pencils, Prismacolor art markers, Copic markers, Faber Castell colored pencils, Winsor-Newton paints, pastels & inks, Sherwin-Williams paints, and more.

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

EasySwitch for Illustrator Artboards
Switching orientation on Illustrator's artboards is a seemingly simple process that unfortunately takes four steps to complete. Scripter Loic Aigon has created a free extension to perform those steps for you. The EasySwitch extension for Illustrator consists of one button that reads "Switch Orientation." Select the artboard, click the button, and you're done.

Note: at publication time, their website was under redevelopment. Please try later if necessary. Sorry!

QuarkXPress XTensions

Kill PasteBoard XT
Markzware's PasteBoard XT ($29) is tremendously useful when you need to increase the pasteboard area above and below your QuarkXPress pages. However, the very first version of it, way back in the QuarkXPress 3 era, wrote code into each document requiring the XTension to be present when re-opening the document. Some of those documents are still floating around, so it's handy to have Markzware's free Kill PasteBoard XT for QuarkXPress 6, 7, 8 and 9. With this XTension installed, any document you open that requires PasteBoard will have that requirement removed when you resave the document.

Free Icons & Images

700+ Free Icons
IconMonstr has more than 700 free icons for UI designs for mobile, Web, apps, and wherever else you might need simple, instantly recognizable graphics of everything from cut, copy, and paste images to flammable, poisonous, and shock hazard warnings.

Free Cardboard Images
You can't fake cardboard. Instead, try downloading one of these 20 free high-resolution images of real corrugated cardboard. They range from smooth to bent, ripped, punctured, and stripped.

Free Fonts

A Gothique Time

Monsterama (13 styles)

Zakenstein (12 styles)

DTMiXYvs (22 glyphs)




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