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June 2012 Newsletter

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June 2012 Software Closet

Click the links below to download each individual item.

Adobe Illustrator Goodies

Dimensions is a free Illustrator add-on that prints height and width measurements for page items. The script has a few idiosyncrasies, all of which can be overcome with a little coding knowledge. The measurements are automatically displayed in millimeters, and the script requires you to have a color swatch called "cutter." The "cutter" swatch can be customized to whatever color you want, and measurements can be added to a group as well as individual items.

InDesign Goodies

Rorohiko's ImageLibraryLoader is a free plug-in for InDesign that creates a new palette and loads all the images from one or more selected folders into it. You can then drag the images onto your page.

Tomaxxi’s LinkRename script lets you rename any linked graphic file in an InDesign document, and automatically relink to the newly-named file. Navigating to each link throughout the document can be tedious, so here’s the quick way: Click the first image in the Links panel and press ESC to select the image container, run the script using a self-assigned keyboard shortcut, type in the new name, then click Rename.

PDF to InDesign Folio Builder
This free script takes PDF files, creates individual InDesign files, and assembles those files into an InDesign folio to create a Digital Publishing Suite application for the iPad. The process requires specific naming of the PDF files so they appear in the proper order in the resulting publication. Both portrait and landscape orientations are created, which are displayed as single pages on the iPad in vertical orientation and as side-by-side pages when viewed horizontally.

Script Bay Unified Script Panel
This free extension from In-Tools replaces the Script panel in InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and it is partially compatible with Flash, Fireworks, and Bridge. With the extension installed, scripts can be run from any location on your hard drive, edited directly in Script Bay’s script editor, and run in a series with one command. In InDesign, a script can even be undone with a single click, instead of having to undo each step of the script individually. Script Bay’s cross-application folder allows you to store all scripts in one place, regardless of which Creative Suite application you need to use them in.

Free Art & Templates

Free Fabric Images
The DesignM.ag website has collected scans of 50 fabric textures you can download for your own use. The largest sizes are 3264 x 2448 pixels, which let you print 10.9" x 8.2" at 300 dpi.

Free Fonts

CM Old Western

HFF Beer Van

Oldstyle Small Caps HPLHS

Ornamenta Monumenta





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