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March 2012 Newsletter

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March 2012 Software Closet

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Bug Fixes

None this month!

Helpful Utilities

ClickThruLite (free) lets you convert static designs into interactive prototypes with just a few clicks. You can import interface designs from your favorite program and add an interaction layer on top of it. Create hotspot buttons, add states for hover effects, and add regions to load different modules in response to button clicks. Available at the Mac App Store: www.tinyurl.com/7f9zfzx

CSSGradientEditor (free) lets you easily create CSS color gradients with up to five stops. A slider-based interface lets you easily adjust the color transitions. It’s a simple and easy way to create a gradient exactly the way you want it—just copy and paste the CSS code. Available at the Mac App Store: www.tinyurl.com/7hddzyd

Harvest (free) makes tracking time for projects and tasks a breeze. Start a timer with a simple click or hot key—Harvest will even allow you to automatically remove idle time if you forget and leave it running. A drop-down menu lets you easily assign time to tasks. Available at the Mac App Store: www.tinyurl.com/7h8z26o

InDesign Goodies

Create a Table from Data
If you’ve used the Data Merge feature in InDesign to make tables, you’re aware of the lackluster results. The workarounds to get a nicely laid-out table from a .csv file can be daunting. The free CSVtoTABLE script from Loic Aigon takes the hassle of using runarounds out of the mix. To start, create a table with the necessary number of columns, then use the Data Merge panel to place the fields to be merged where you want them in the table cells. When that’s done, select the completed row, then run the script. The table will be populated with multiple rows containing the merged data. Get it at www.tinyurl.com/87cy9ym.

Custom Kerning Tables in InDesign
Unlike QuarkXPress, InDesign lacks the ability to create “kerning tables” to automatically adjust kerning for letter pairs in a font used across one or more documents. Peter Kahrel’s free script lets you set up kerning pairs for each font family you wish to control, and to include different rules for each font variation, such as the italic or bold versions. In addition, you can define how a character from that font should react to variations such as superscript text. The script requires creating text files for the kerning data, so knowing a little GREP will help. Get it at www.kahrel.plus.com

Fill Table with Placeholder Text
You can’t fill an InDesign table with placeholder text unless you use the free tomaxxiFillTable script, which inserts small chunks of information into each cell of a selected table. After selecting the cells you wish to fill, run the script from the Scripts panel and choose what information to insert. You can choose to use InDesign’s default placeholder text, random numbers in a range you choose, consecutive numbers, date and time, or a simple YES in cells with content and NO in any empty cells. Get it at www.tomaxxi.com/downloads.

Photoshop Goodies

None this month!

QuarkXPress Goodies

None this month!

Free Fonts

HFF Floral Stencil

HKH Spring Buds

Janda Spring Doodles



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