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The Design Tools Monthly newsletter is packed with tips & bug fixes, industry news, software & hardware updates, font news, and more. We know the best minds in the business, and we deliver their advice and how-tos.

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Design Tools Monthly summarizes stories relevant to you from all the design industry magazines and websites, so you don't have to read 500 pages and visit 10 websites a day for news and bug fixes. And since no one can remember everything they read, our PDFs provide instant access to every story.

You'll save headaches.

You'll save several times more than the cost of a year's subscription: in time spent on projects... in equipment you would have purchased before new, better, cheaper equipment was released... in output charges for problems you would have known about... in everything you do!

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When you subscribe, you can receive a printed version by mail, or you can download it in PDF format from our website. PDF and printed subscriptions also include access to our Software Closet, which contains several recent newsletters and our monthly free software and fonts.

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