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I already read everything under the sun. Why would I want to read your newsletter?

Our longtime subscribers find it much easier to rely on us to sift through the vast piles of "information" on websites and in other publications. They quickly discover that we find important things that they couldn't, and we bring them all the good stuff they otherwise waste time trying to find on their own. Perhaps equally important is that our content is searchable. Rather than having to remember what you read, you just have to remember that you read it, and let our PDFs find it for you. (See next item.)

How can I find stories from past issues?

It's incredibly easy: just launch Acrobat or Reader and choose Edit> Search. Type in what you're looking for and tell it where to look. (Keeping your DTMs in one folder makes this a little easier.) In seconds, the results are displayed in context (!) in all of our PDFs and you can click any one of them to instantly go to it inside a PDF.

When will each monthly issue arrive?

It varies from month to month. Unlike other publications, we mail our "March" issue in March. Expect your monthly password during the first week of the month and your printed issue sometime between the 5th and the 15th.

If I pay for the printed/mailed subscription, do I still get the PDF version?

Yes. Every subscriber gets access to our Software Closet and online PDFs.

What's the difference between a subscription for "one person in a company" and for "an individual"?

We like to support freelancers, educators and students. So, we offer a reduced price for them. Basically, if your mailing address requires a company name, you need to pay the full price.

Does the "one person in a company" rate mean that we can pass it around the office?

No. You need an affordable site license for that. Click here for details.

How about posting your PDF on our internal file server?

No. You need an affordable site license for that. Click here for details.

Is an educational discount available?

Just take advantage of our reduced "individual" rate. It's designed for you.

Can you send our password to more than one email address?

Yes, with a site license. See here for details.

I missed a month of downloads and now that month's password won't work. Am I out of luck?

Of course not. Just use your current password to download anything in our Software Closet, including older items.

How many months do you keep in the Software Closet?

Usually six.

What if I need to download items older than that?

Just contact us and we'll find a way to get you what you need.

I use Windows. Do you cover Windows issues?

Almost everything in our newsletter is cross-platform. The Macintosh news and bug fixes are not applicable to Windows users, but almost everything else is. Our Software Closet items are only for Macintosh.

How long have you been publishing? (I can't believe I haven't heard of you!)

We began in 1992. We've missed you!

Can I advertise in your newsletter?

No. We have always been 100% subscriber-supported, with no advertising. We think it helps us maintain our journalistic objectivity.

How can my company get listed on your "Recommended Websites" page?

Get to know us and prove your value. Every company listed there is among the best in their field.

What's this "money-back guarantee"?

Our belief is that if we don't save you money, we don't want your money. So, anytime during your first three issues, if you don't think we're saving you more time and money than we cost, we'll gladly refund your full subscription fee.


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