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FreeHand 2:
Editable blends.
TIFF import.
Custom fills and tiled fills.

FreeHand 3:
Multiple pages in any mix of sizes and orientation.
More features -- if anyone remembers, please let us know!

FreeHand 4:
A 54-inch square area for document pages, which fits 24 letter-sized pages with extra space for pasteboard items.
"Wrapping tabs" to wrap paragraphs within columns in tables.
Auto-fit text to box.

FreeHand 5:
A Knife tool that can automatically close the paths it cuts.
Copy and paste attributes from one object to another.
Objects can snap to Objects as well as to guides.
A Perspective tool to make objects appear to be angled toward or away from you.
Documents can be viewed in up to eight different windows.
Individual layers can be set to be viewed as Keyline or Preview.
Zoom up to 1,638,400% (draw bacteria at actual size!).
Automatic trapping.
An Eyedropper tool that picks up colors from imported images.
Graduated and radial fills with up to 64 colors.

FreeHand 5.5:
Accepts Photoshop plug-ins, to control scanners or apply filters to images.
Place drawn objects within text blocks so they flow with the text.
Export pages or selected objects as bitmap images.

FreeHand 7:
Drag and drop in both directions between FreeHand and Photoshop.
Blend between spot colors.
Blend between gradients.
A Chart tool.
Search and replace object attributes.
Export FreeHand to Shockwave (Flash).

FreeHand 8:
Transparency in vector and bitmap objects.
Use Symbols for repeating elements.
A Graphic Hose to spray symbols.
A Reshape tool to push and pull paths as if made of clay.
Assign any keyboard shortcut to any command.
Drag and drop selections from Photoshop onto a FreeHand document.
A Picture Usage dialog box
A Collect for Output feature.
A Magnify Lens to create a live, "zoomed" copy of any area.

FreeHand 9:
Add hyperlinks to objects and export to PDF, HTML or Flash.
Export to Photoshop format with layers intact.
A Lasso tool to select freeform areas.
A Magic Wand tool to select objects.
An Envelope tool to distort graphics and editable text.
Perspective grids that reshape objects as you edit the grid.
Export multiple pages in HTML format.
Export layers and blends as Flash animations.
Convert a document to grayscale.

FreeHand 10:
Master pages.
A Symbol library.
Print an area of a page.

FreeHand MX:
An extrude tool for adding 3D effects to objects.
Edit gradients directly within an object.
Item styles.
Connector Lines that connect objects and move along with them.
An Eraser tool to erase portions of vector objects.

End of life? Maybe not: if you're a fan of FreeHand, check out FreeFreeHand.org. For now, Adobe still sells and offers fixes to FreeHand, but they no longer develop it.


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